WF 20221216 21 Years Old and Growing with our Multi-Sensory AI

21 Years Old and Growing with our Multi-Sensory AI

21 Years Old and Growing with our 
Multi-Sensory AI

We had mentioned that we had just turned 21 and we have been reviewing the 7 technology factors that we believe have contributed to our longevity. Previously we had talked about a couple of them, 

  • our Autonomous AI capability and 
  • the fact that we provided a complete service from design to turnkey implementation.

A third important factor is the fact that we provide Multi-Sensory Analytics.

Humans use their eyes, ears and nose to understand their environment. Similarly, the WildFaces system uses video, sound and smell to understand its environment and all these applications work together. So if the system sees a person falling down it can suggest that an officer be sent to help that person. On the other hand, if a gunshot is heard at the same time, the officer would be advised to be cautious. 

Many companies provide analytics. What makes the WildFaces offering different?

1. From our very first product we ensured that the system could cope with crowded scenes. Whether you are in a Railway Station or a School, in an Airport or in a Retail Store, the environment is likely to be Crowded – and we hold the international patents for analytics that work in crowds where simple motion based analytics are useless.


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