WF 20230104 How to achieve MORE with LESS for your visual AI projects

How to achieve MORE with LESS for your visual AI projects

How to achieve MORE with LESS for your visual AI projects

Let us continue with our assessment of the 7 technology factors that we believe have contributed to our longevity as we turn 21. Previously we had discussed three of them namely: 

  • Autonomous AI capability that reduced response times by 80%
  • The provision of a complete service from design to turnkey implementation which means the user does not have to worry about their lack of knowledge – we do it for them.
  • Multi-Sensory Analytics – video, sound and smell – a system that senses the environment just like a human would

Now we come to the fourth factor – DOING MORE WITH LESS.

WildFaces systems are designed to use less infrastructure. For example, our systems require:

  • Low Resolution Long Distance Capabilities require LESS Camera Infrastructure 
  • No Expensive GPU Hardware
  • 90% less storage and network bandwidth
  • Fewer humans to operate the system
  • Able to achieve ZERO Incremental Cost

… and these are just 4 of the 10 ways we reduce infrastructure costs.

Let us consider each one in more detail. Read more HERE

Upcoming Event - Dubai Intersec 2023

Educational Seminars at our booth S1-A25

Joint Educational Seminar organized by WildFaces along with Intel and Lenovo will be run every 2 hours covering some of our following technologies and live demonstration:

  • Smell Analytics 
  • Anonymized Tracking across non-overlapping cameras
  • Intelligent Traffic Management
  • Intelligent Facilities Management
  • Advanced Smart Cities

Please RSVP your preferred session HERE

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