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WildFaces.ai is the world's ONLY "on-the-move" vision-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) software system. This patented technology can recognize and track faces anonymously from moving cameras, utilizing many of today's IoT devices, such as drones, walking robots, PTZ cameras, mobile phones, body-worn cameras, and more. 

WildFaces technology only requires ONE low-resolution camera to be able to recognize hundreds of faces in real time in uncontrolled environments at far distances, replacing 50 fixed high-resolution cameras from other traditional facial recognition systems. Our system can recognize and track 50 times more faces, covering 10 times wider areas with just 1/5 of the computation; making WildFaces highly cost-effective, in fact, 20 times cheaper than others. 

Why WildFaces?

At WildFaces, we strive to offer you the best-in-class solutions to meet your unique needs.

Innovation Leader

World’s ONLY "on-the-move" low resolution video analytics technology for realistic, crowded and complex environments at long distances – patented capability.


AI Computing

Our unique, non-traditional hybrid algorithmic approach ensures light computing with high accuracy and performance.


Universal Compatibility

Broad Industry Usage with the ability to develop unlimited number of realistic use cases that work well in complex real-life situations including uncontrolled and crowded scenarios.


Our unique patented technology has applicability in many industries. For each industry, we have specialised packages. Contact us for more details.

Smart City

Improved customer experience through optimized navigation to negate long queues


Tracking suspects' movement from a distance.


Access Control on-the-fly without any fixed camera infrastructure


Locate key clients in a crowd


Understand & track customers' visiting frequency to maximize sales & enhance your marketing funnel.

Many More Unique Use Cases...

Host of other applications to improve efficiency, and optimize your business potential.


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