deployed in over 60 countries and 30+ industries


WildFaces’ proven core technologies have been deployed in over 60 countries and 30+ industries. The use cases for this technology extend far beyond those of traditional biometric systems. It can used for smart cities, smart banking, smart campuses, smart buildings, smart construction and many more.


In modern society we are surrounded by equipment and infrastructure. Unfortunately, over time all such equipment and infrastructure can fail.

Today an Artificial Intelligence based multi-sensory analytics system that emulates the Humans brain can provide valuabel warnings of potential failures.

It can tell if a pump is overheating. It can advise if a pipe has corroded to the point where it will leak. It can automatically stop an escalator if a small object such as a screw or coin is about to fall into its mechanism.





On-the-Fly Access Control System

WildFaces patented On-the-Move technology works without any FIXED CCTV or turnstile. Using drone based or wearable cameras it can determine if unauthorized people are on site or if they are not wearing safety uniform. The system can cope with the ever-changing construction layout covering vast areas, authenticating 100 workers simultaneously.

Autonomous Operation

WildFaces vision-based AI is designed to automate time-consuming & tedious manual processes. It can regularly monitor work progress & status for each site ensuring the construction is going according to the plan. It can also analyze worker productivity helping to eliminate wasteful activity.

Heightened Safety

WildFaces’ AI technology can enhance safety minimizing accidents & injuries. A drone-mounted system can automatically detect smoke & fire, detect if people are wearing safety gear and raise alerts for unauthorized access. The system can ensure cranes operate within safety regulations such that workers are not too close whilst lifting.


Ensure comfort level and efficient use of energy management of the opening and closure of doors and the setting for air conditioning systems based on detected activities e.g. opening doors only when loading trucks are present.

Anti Contagion Suite

The anti contagion suite is a pack consisting of iQ-Fevercheck, the world’s first and only AUTOMATED fever detection System, with the capability to track feverish persons from place to place. iQ-Social Distancing, for managing distance between people and duration of contact. iQ-PPE, to detect the wearing of masks as required by regulations. Contactless Access Control, a highly accurate multifactor authentication & access management system where none of the factors require any physical contact and iQ-Evacuation, a highly accurate counting (99.9%) for managing evacuations.

Automatic Fever Detecion & Tracking

The only remote visible means to detect if a person is infected with a virus is to detect if a person has an elevated temperature. To address this iQ-FeverCheck helps not only AUTOMATICALLY detecting for fever, actively reducing the need for multiple fever checkers therefore reducing the costs, but also tracking the feverish person through existing CCTV cameras from place to place advising the paramedic in their mobile device.

Fever Detection - Cost of Ownership

Today there are many temperature detection systems available on the market and they are all manual systems. The cost of operating the systems can be over 10x the cost of the cameras themselves. An automated system eliminates queues. It also provides peace of mind since a person missed at one station would invariably be picked up at the next one. And of course all Wildfaces systems have built-in privacy protection.


Smart Retail/

Anonymous Tracking

Understand customer experience, visit pattern, dwell time & staff productivity



Provide preventive measurement ensuring passenger safety


Flow Analysis

Use real-time crowd control to ensure utmost safety during major events



Real time navigation through iconic sties based on visitor’s presences



Control HVAC & lighting based on crowd movement to save energy


Law Enforcemen

Enable officers to quickly recognize person-of-interest & suspicious behaviours


Asset Protection

Identify theft & liability issues
(e.g. water spills)

Smart Building


Provide automatic fever checks to prevent epidemic disease from spreading


WildFaces' proven core technologies have been deployed in 60 countries and 30+ industries.

And Many More...



WildFaces' proven core technologies have been deployed in 60 countries and 30+ industries.
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