Who we are

Why WildFaces:

Wildfaces owns “On-the-Move” Recognition domain specially for complex and congested scenes as its underlying Vision-based AI technology has been patented.
Company has achieved many breakthroughs and has overcome the constraints faced by other suppliers that often require high infrastructure costs, massive camera numbers, high network bandwidth and high computation including expensive GPUs. As such, Wildfaces’ system is highly cost effective and 20X cheaper being computing-light and requiring only a CPU – no expensive GPUs. In the facial recognition space, Wildfaces requires only ONE low resolution moving camera, replacing 50 high-resolution fixed cameras required for Traditional systems.

Unlimited Use cases:

The technology has unlimited use cases providing solutions for unlimited markets and industry coverage. The concept of vision-based AI has been extended to On-The-Move Object/Face Recognition and other domains such a behaviour analytics for many complex use cases.
With numerous use cases for smart cities, this technology can be used for:
providing preventive maintenance to ensure equipment is running healthily eliminating time-consuming and tedious manual processes that are highly error-prone
controlling staff access, automate inspection/work flow and ensuring safety in workplaces and ever changing construction sites
providing real time activity monitoring to ensure reduction of energy wastage achieving efficiency as well as safety in production and manufacturing plants
World’s first reversible GDPR compliant system anonymizing all the faces seen on CCTV to protect privacy
understanding customer experience such as dwell time/dynamic queue management to achieve better customer service
tracking repeat customers/VIPs to assist retailers to sell more
navigating visitors through the most efficient route based on their preference at shows
finding lost children/elderly in public places
enabling police/security guards wearing “glasses” to recognize people of interest or vehicles of interest in a crowd at a distance
and many more…

Universal Recognition:

The company has won numerous awards and its capability was recognized recently by Gartner in their report positioning it against 97 similar global companies as providing the most comprehensive video based application capability worldwide.


Our Management:

Wildfaces’ Management has been recognized by the industry for their valuable 2-decade long experience in deploying vision-based AI solutions. They have often acted as advisers and dealt with government officials helping them on the adoption of AI in automating their time consuming & manual processes. These include many Smart Cities around the world starting with Singapore 5 years ago and including 8 cities in India and 5 in the USA last year. Other AI deployments include Disneyworld, 1,500 Police precincts in Bangkok, the first China Fast Train (1,000 km Wuhan to Guangzhou line) and 19 airports in Indonesia. and the safety systems for the new Driverless Train in Sydney.

Company Values and Cultures:

Through their two decades of experience in the AI industry, the founders have seen too many companies fail to deliver working solutions as they have been relying heavily on existing open-sourced AI software and they have lacked the capability to change the core technologies as needed to suit the customers’ specific needs.
The Company’s founders believe in building their own self-owned core AI technologies to deliver their unique offering. The founders established Wildfaces to demonstrate that a company from this region could build world class technologies that would be sought after even in the most advanced countries of the world.

Making it work

Company’s philosophy has always been to ensure that our technology addresses our customers’ pain points in a practical and cost-effective manner. WildFaces is fully committed to providing solutions that work and its robust core algorithms have been proven in the most difficult real-life scenarios including in very complex and congested situations.
Thus, the system:
is very flexible, versatile and easy to deploy enabling the building of comprehensive use cases for 30+ industries.
is more affordable with low overall costs, enabling better market penetration even in price sensitive markets.
Our technology has been deployed in Hong Kong including for a leading transportation organization, a manufacturing plant, government, law enforcement organizations and for a campus etc.

Customer Testimonials

WildFaces' proven core technologies have been deployed in 60 countries and 30+ industries.