WF 202212 World’s Longest Standing Multi-Sensory AI Company

World's Longest Standing Multi-Sensory AI Company

World's Longest Standing 
Multi-Sensory AI Company

Wildfaces is a spin-off of iOmniscient. iOmniscient is the longest standing independent Multi-sensory AI based Analytics company. Today the company has just celebrated its 21st Birthday. Little did we imagine when we started, that our technology would be used in 70 countries around the world across 30 different industries from the China Fast Train (and 12 other railways) to 67 airports and 75 Smart Cities spread across every continent.

We have reflected on what has contributed to our longevity and we have concluded that the most important factor has been our commitment to developing the most advanced technologies. Our focus has been on being way ahead of the innovation curve. We don’t concentrate on being the biggest – we focus on being the best.

We often developed capabilities that took a decade to develop – something that cannot be done by a company that is focused on an exit plan in two years.

Over the next few issues we will be talking about aspects of our R&D philosophy that we feel has made our company unique and contributed to our longevity. 

  1. Determining the Critical Success Factors to develop “Autonomous AI” systems that can replace time-consuming human processes.
  2. Ensuring “Successful” Deployment by hand-holding customers through their Digital Transformation
  3. Using Multi-Sensory Analytics (video, sound & smell) to better mimic the human brain
  4. Doing More with LESS – On designing AI that do not cost more than implementing unintelligent systems 
  5. Developing Advanced  AI Approaches that go beyond Deep Learning 
  6. What it takes to become an Ethical AI company
  7. Defining comprehensive Industry Use Cases that address our customers’ pain points.

Autonomous AI to replace time-consuming human processes

When we started we were focused on analytics – understanding the information that we received from various sensors for video sound and smell, all working together. Today we have realized that the biggest productivity improvements come from using these analytics for autonomous operations. 

When the system can perform all the simple, boring tasks that humans had to perform, humans can turn their attention to the more complex needs of their clients and provide better service to their customers.

We also realized that the following are critical factors for an autonomous system to operate successfully:

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Ensuring “Successful” Deployment by hand holding customers through their Digital Transformation

Our customers have told us about their most serious concern – their fear of not knowing how to implement such systems effectively. We heard hundreds of stories where they had brought in consultants to help design their systems only to find that the consultants themselves had never actually implemented a smart city or similar system. 

In response to this experience vacuum, iOmniscient, based on its 2-decades long expertise in deploying smart cities, has started offering its customers a comprehensive Design Service which starts by helping them. Followings are some key steps: 

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