WF 20230119 Guaranteed Productivity Improvement through Autonomous AI

Guaranteed Productivity Improvement through Autonomous AI

Guaranteed Productivity Improvement through 
Autonomous AI

Guest Speaker:

Dr Rustom Kanga, CEO of iOmniscient, Australia
The 21-year old Pioneer in Multi-Sensory Analytics Systems ( 

You will learn about:

  •     Advances in Multi-sensory AI (video, sound and smell)
  •     The advantages of Autonomous AI. Click HERE for examples
  •     Case Studies demonstrating
    •         Increasing productivity  by 20%
    •         Increasing revenues by 100%
    •         Reducing investments to the point that a smart system costs less than a recording system
    •         Improving response times by 80%
  •     Ethical Use of AI – GDPR Compliance
  •     Database-less Access Control for Gate-less Entry for Crowds


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