Predictive Maintenance achieves the highest ROI

Predictive Maintenance achieves the highest ROI

The system can also be used for preventive maintenance – anticipating potential problems.

For instance, it can tell if objects like screws or coins fall onto an escalator step. It can then autonomously stop the escalator while sending a message to a local staff member to clear the step before the items damage the mechanism of the escalator. Organizations using this particular option have been able to achieve a pay back on their investment in just 8 weeks through eliminating the high cost of escalator repair.

Another Preventive Maintenance offering from WildFaces involved workers who were required to physically read equipment meters in the basements of various hospitals and other similar buildings. Based on the meter readings they had to determine whether the equipment was working effectively.

The challenge was that the maintenance workers made many errors in recording the data from the meters. Further as they did not have historic data readily available their ability to predict problems was very limited.

Having both analog and digital meters read automatically using fixed CCTV cameras and where needed using WildFaces’ IQ-Mobile App (available for both IOS and Android devices), the system had an accurate reading of the meters.

With immediate access to historic data for the same meters the system could pre-emptively advise if some equipment was on the verge of malfunctioning.

In restaurants and places where food is stored the system will detect the presence of rodents that constitute a serious health risk.

In every case a preventive system greatly reduces the ultimate cost of maintenance.