WildFaces Multi-Sensory AI helps make Hong Kong cleaner

Wildfaces Multi-Sensory AI helps make Hong Kong cleaner
Wildfaces Multi-Sensory AI helps make Hong Kong cleaner

WildFaces Multi-Sensory AI helps make Hong Kong cleaner

Hong Kong has announced a new Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) charging scheme which will take effect on 1st of August 2024. This requires industries in Hong Kong to significantly improve the waste disposal systems at their premises.

WildFaces’ new “Autonomous Waste Management AI System” 

using its Multi-Sensory AI Analytics capability (video, sound and smell) can help organizations ensure that:

  • Refuse rooms are kept clean and tidy and are able to send alerts when the garbage is littered outside the bins (see video example)
  • Designated garbage bags are used (see video example)
  • Overflowing garbage bins and bin covers that have not been shut properly are detected to reduce smells and vermin (see video example)
  • The presence of rats and other vermin in the Refuse Room is detected 
    (see video example)
  • Bad smells emanating from the Refuse Room are detected (see e-Nose example)

The Autonomous nature of the system ensures that humans do not need to watch the system. It can detect garbage bags of a particular colour being placed in the incorrect bins (e.g. general waste or food waste). It can detect rubbish thrown outside the bin, overflowing bins and if the room is exuding bad smells. It can detect the presence of rats running around on the floor. In every instance it will automatically advise the nearest responder on their smart phones along with a small video clip of the incident to enable them to take immediate action to mitigate the situation.

The system is privacy protected and GDPR compliant.

WildFaces is committed to help organisations in Hong Kong keep their city clean and beautiful.

About WildFaces:

WildFaces’ patented “On-The-Move” Artificial Intelligence (AI) based analytics system, WildAI, provides video, sound and smell analytics from moving sensors/ cameras on drones, moving robots and body-worn cameras. Such systems have been implemented on numerous government and commercial sites worldwide.

Applications range from anonymized tracking (with privacy protection) and traffic congestion management to sound and smell analytics.

WildAI requires minimal training, is computing light (does not require GPUs) and can be deployed very quickly. It:

  • Operates in real-time even when the sensor is “On-the-move”.
  • Requires little data training – no labelling, no deep learning
  • Is infrastructure light – fewer cameras required
  • Is computation light

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