Contactless Access Control System


Contactless Access Control System

All single factor access control systems suffer from some levels of inaccuracy. A swipe card can be used by a person other than the person that it was issued to. A single error could result in an unauthorized person entering a restricted area.’s ‘WildAI’ technology is used in their Smart Access – a contactless access control system which addresses the inaccuracies of a single factor access control by combining several technologies to achieve very high accuracy. WildAI’s Smart Access- contactless access control system is an advanced, innovative product for the security industry.

How does the system work?

An employee can be enrolled at any office located anywhere in the world. The system captures their face, the identity of their mobile device and any other key information such as type of access that they are authorized for. The contactless access control system senses the phone in proximity and decrypts the app and extracts meta-data. This is converted into an encrypted code which is stored on their own phone. When they are in the vicinity of an access point an app sends the encrypted code to the system at the gate. The camera at the gate compares the persons face to the information provided within the code. If authenticated, the contactless access control system opens the gate for the individual.

This is facilitated with a multi-factor authentication that provides for very high accuracy but neither factor requires the person to present any identifier such as an access card to the system. He can just walk through the doors when they open automatically. There is no need for a centralized data base. The person carries his own encrypted code which can be decoded and used to recognize him anywhere in the world.

Benefits of this contactless access control system for businesses:

  • No Fraud/ Identity theft: There is absolutely no worry about Fraud. There is no risk of identity theft from the Corporation as individuals manage their own data.
  • Privacy protected: The system is thoroughly GDPR compliant so there is no concern about privacy breach
  • Safety: The COVID-19 pandemic has altered human behavior significantly. Today, people are constantly looking for smart solutions where everything is preferred to be contactless. Leveraging on this current crisis, WildAI’s Smart Access contactless access system can prove to be a solution which will help make workplaces safer.
  • Scalability: it is useful for very large organizations where there are numerous numbers of staff members who can be enrolled once anywhere in the world and gain access to some or all of facilities everywhere. Moving forward in this presentation we can watch a video on how exactly it works
  • Accuracy: With 2-Factor authentication, the system can operate in very crowded scenes with levels of high accuracy

This internationally patented capability will work even in a crowded environment greatly reducing queues. The system can leverage existing CCTV infrastructure minimizing the cost of implementation.

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