WF 202207 Ethical AI – the WildFaces Credo

iOmniscient at Intersec 2022
iOmniscient at Intersec 2022

Ethical AI – the  WildFaces Credo

Organizations have been implementing CCTV systems for many years and all such systems can impinge on the privacy of individuals as operators of such systems can easily identify people in real time and also from archived video.

The EU has brought in its GDPR regulations which are a  very stringent set of rules for protecting privacy and many developed countries are taking similar actions. The social license that society grants organizations to operate can easily be revoked if people feel that their privacy is at risk. The operations of several airports around the world have been impacted due to protests from civil rights groups for this reason. 

With WildFaces' AI systems, there’s no need to compromise privacy for the normal citizen for the sake of security. You can have both. 

WildFaces fully supports the push for privacy protection. It made a decision some time back to be the leader in Ethical AI systems. See our video demo here.

All its systems are privacy protected in that all faces, number plates and other identifying features in all videos can be redacted both on the screen and in the archives. The redaction is strongly encrypted to ensure that privacy cannot be compromised.

However, the system does not stop being effective for both safety, security or even for marketing. It understands what is happening and with its Autonomous AI capability it can even find the appropriate responders and tell them where to go and what to do when action is required.

If there is a serious incident such as an abduction or a murder then authorized personnel with the right key can reverse the redaction and take the necessary action to prevent or investigate it.

Use Case Example 1: GDPR Compliant Anonymized Tracking Systems

Unlike traditional CCTV cameras and Video Management Systems, WildFaces' anonymized tracking systems do not automatically translate into facial recognition. The systems can operate intelligently without a database of information. If an incident occurs the system can automatically track the persons involved across non-overlapping cameras so that they can be apprehended by the appropriate responder. Everyone else can be confident that their privacy is not compromised.


Use Case Example 2: Database-free Operations

See video demo here

Even WildFaces' new access control system, iQ Access, can operate without a database.

WildFaces ensures that an organization can keep its environment safe and secure without compromising privacy. Contact us to find out more about Ethical AI.

Fireside chat between Two Tech Pioneers - Intel & iOmniscient

Wildfaces is a spin-off of iOmniscient. Our Director of Innovations, Dr. Jehan Kanga had a chat with Bill Pearson, VP of Intel IoTG about the future of smart cities, AI ethics and, to Pearson’s amusement, how iOmniscient’s Smell Recognition system works.  This Fireside chat session was recorded and the link is here.

A key issue that came up in the discussion was the fact that most customers had no experience in implementing an intelligent multi-sensory system and Dr Jehan explained iOmniscient’s comprehensive Design and Turnkey implementation services to ensure its customers can implement small systems successfully. 

Incidentally iOmniscient has always worked exclusively with Intel and in 2021 was Intel’s Alliance Partner of the year for APJ.

Upcoming events

iOmnsicient will be participating at two upcoming security exhibition in the coming quarter - in Sydney, Australia and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. As face-to-face events resume, we look forward to meeting you and providing solutions for your security and productivity challenges.

Event:   ASIAL Security 2022 Conference

Date:    17-18 August 2022       

Venue:  ICC, Sydney


Click here for event details.

Event:   Secutech Vietnam

Date:    18-20 August 2022

Venue:  Saigon Exhibition and 
            Trade Centre, HCMC, Vietnam


Click here for event details.

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