What is Smart Infrastructure?

WildFaces.ai - Smart Infrastructure

Traditional Face recognition and Tracking Systems are subject to many limitations. They require fixed infrastructure such as CCTV cameras. WildFaces.ai is the world’s ONLY “On-The-Move” vision-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) software system. Its patented technology WildAI brings to you our latest innovation, Smart Infrastruture, a that system can perform analytics on moving cameras.

WildAI’s smart technology can perform various analytics such a Face recognition on moving cameras. This ability helps make the system very useful. The uniqueness of our core technology is that it is very light computing – no GPU is required. The technology developed in house uses a unique Artificial Intelligence methodology developed by our founders that makes the software accurate but extremely computing light. Believe it or not! the system requires minimal training, fewer and lower resolution cameras and around 90% less storage and network bandwidth than other system.

The comprehensive WildFaces Smart Infrastructure system is best suited for all public facilities to help detect any hazards and alert authorities of any disasters that occur in public areas such as parks, roads, sewage, etc. While the system can provide timely alerts for events, it also generates a large amount of useful information which can be analyzed in both special and temporal dimensions to help understand the environment better. It can provide information on why accidents happen in specific situations at certain times. It can help understand the causes of different types of events.

With the help WildAI’s Intelligent Traffic System, response time for street incidents can be reduced by over 80% greatly enhancing the productivity of officers responsible for managing the traffic with the help of. For victims of a traffic incident the faster response from emergency services can mean the difference between life and death.

It requires minimal training, fewer and lower resolution cameras and around 90% less storage and network bandwidth than other system.

WildFace’s patented WildAI technology is enhanced with Automated Surveillance Action Platform which helps understand incidents in detail. With this enhanced capability a sensor such as a camera or microphone, can detect an event, find the nearest appropriate responder, for example, the nearest fire brigade is alerted if the system detects a fire and tell the responder i.e., the fire brigade where to go and what to do.

WildAI’s Smart Infrastructure will help transform cities into Smart cities. This technology is fully GDPR compliant through its ability to perform anonymous analytics where all the faces are anonymized to protect their privacy.

Write to info@iomni.ai to understand how this capability can make your building smarter, greener, and less expensive to run.

The technology is brought to you by the World’s Leading Supplier of Artificial Intelligence and Video-based Analytics – Wildfaces.AI….an iOmniscient Company

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