Intelligent Traffic Systems Transforming Management of Roads Making Road Travel Easier and Safer

Smart Roads can reduce congestion, minimize accidents, lower pollution levels, and most importantly provide a more satisfying road experience for both drivers and pedestrians. introduces a WildAI based Intelligent Traffic Management System can help transform a nations road. WildAI is an On-The-Move vision-based Artificial Intelligence system incorporating third generation AI technology. This patented Smart Roads technology is one of the most comprehensive capabilities in the industry addressing problems of managing over-speeding, violation of traffic rules and poor driving.

The Smart Roads system can:

  • Monitor traffic detecting congestion, distance between vehicles, traffic volume, etc.
  • Reduce traffic jams by notifying timely actions on pedestrian trespassing on the highway, illegal parking, and debris falling off trucks even when it is obscured for periods of time by passing vehicles.
  • Multi-Lingual License plate recognition for vehicles that disobey traffic rules such as over-speeding, going through red lights, travelling in the wrong direction or during a hit and run.
  • Incident detection when there is an accident, fallen debris on the road, etc.
  • A patented Automated Surveillance Action Platform (ASAP) which helps understand the entire incident and alerts the nearest responder on where to go and what to do.

The ASAP capability in the Smart Roads system can help to reduce the response times for incidents in the field by around 80%, greatly enhancing the productivity of agencies responsible for managing roads and minimizing their dependency on a central Command and Control Center.

For victims of a traffic incident the faster response from emergency services can mean the difference between life and death.

Several factors differentiate WildFaces Smart Road systems from others in the field.

First the Smart Road capability is the most comprehensive suite of Intelligent Traffic Applications available in the industry today. It can perform its function even in very complex and congested environments. And its unique WildAI technology enables it to perform various analytic functions even when the cameras or the background of the scene is moving.

Also the system:

  • Requires low-resolution cameras, enabling recognition at far distances
  • Owns core proprietary technology, which is light computing- No GPU required
  • Recognizes and tracks objects/people in extremely complex and congested scenes
  • Can perform real-time tracking at significant distances
  • GDPR compliant and fully privacy protected

To know more about WildAI contact us at to understand how this On-The-Move vision-based Artificial Intelligence technology can make road management smarter, more efficient, and safer.