WF 20230425 Invitation Dubai iOmniscient Multi-Sensory AI

Autonomous Multi-Sensory AI for Smart Cities


Function Room, 6th Floor, UOWD Building - Dubai Knowledge Park - Dubai - UAE

You will learn about:

  • Advances in Multi-sensory AI (video, sound and smell)
  • The advantages of Autonomous AI. Click HERE for examples
  • Case Studies demonstrating
    • Increasing productivity  by 20%
    • Increasing revenues by 100%
    • Reducing investments to the point that a smart system costs less than a recording system
    • Improving response times by 80%
  • Ethical Use of AI – GDPR Compliance
  • Database-less Access Control for Gate-less Entry for Crowds

WildFaces Multi-Sensory AI

Focus on Outcomes

WildFaces does not sell products. Its focus is on achieving outcomes for its customers

Autonomous Response

When there is an event the system can find the appropriate responder (including external agencies like the fire brigade and the police) and tell them where to go and what to do. Response times can be reduced by 80%.

Most Proven Multi-Sensory Analytics Portfolio


                      ➡ Behaviour Analytics in a Crowd

                      ➡ Face Analytics in a Crowd

                      ➡ License Plate Recognition for 130 Countries


                     ➡ 30 different Sound types


                     ➡  Infinite number of Smells

Integrated System

All the sensors operate as one giant brain where knowledge of the environment is passed on from one sensor to all others.


About WildFaces

300+ WildAI Modules, 70 Patents & Projects in 70 Countries. 

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