202208_6 WildFaces and Intel invite you to see our Multi-Sensory AI Solution

iOmniscient & Intel invite you to see our Safe City AI Solutions at ASIAL 2022, Sydney
iOmniscient at Intersec 2022

WildFaces and Intel invite you to see our 

Multi-Sensory AI Solution

Humans use their eyes, ears and nose to understand their environment. Similarly, WildFaces provides integrated video, sound and smell analytics to help you understand your environment. 

You will already be familiar with WildFaces' extremely sophisticated Video and Sound Analytics.

Now come and see our powerful Internationally Patented SMELL ANALYTICS.

It is useful for:

  • Quality Control in the Food and Dairy Manufacturing industries.
  • Sewage and Waste management facilities
  • Gas Leaks in Manufacturing and the Oil and Gas industries
  • Drugs and Explosive Detection in Prisons and for Border Control

e-Nose is more sensitive and accurate than humans. You can significantly reduce the cost of your K9 units as e-Nose does not have to be trained, fed or rested… unlike a dog.

Come visit us and understand how we have gone beyond analysing video into Multi-sensory Analytics involving  Video, Sound and Smell to improve the productivity and usefulness of your systems even while you save money.


See you at the show.

Event:   Security Exhibition & Conference 2022

Date:    17 - 19 August 2022

Time:    09:00 – 18:00

Venue:  International Convention Centre, Sydney

Booth:  G27


About WildFaces: Projects in 70 countries; Intel Alliance Partner of the Year (APJ 2021);

Look forward to seeing you

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