July 2018 – WildFaces Wins Hong Kong Smart City Contest

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2018 Alibaba & Deloitte's Award

Alibaba Cloud and Deloitte have jointly awarded WildFaces the award for the best technology presentation at the Create@Hong Kong Smart City Contest. The Award was accepted by WildFaces Founder and Executive Director, Ms. Ivy LI.

About us:

WildFaces’ patent-pending technology is a vision based Artificial Intelligence system that can recognize faces on-the-fly without the need for any fixed CCTV infrastructure. Using video streams from drones, walking robots or from any moving cameras such as smartphones and police body-worn cameras, the system can recognize faces at significant distances in an uncontrolled environment.

Our On-the-Move Technology

The technology is computing-light and does not require expensive GPUs enhancing affordability, versatility and deployment to address demanding and price-sensitive markets.

The algorithms are self-owned and do not rely on any commonly used GPU based or Google based Facial Recognition algorithms that are used as the core by others. The counter-intuitive AI technologies developed by WildFaces makes its system very flexible and enables it to build comprehensive use cases addressing the needs of over 30 industries. One example of the disruptive ways in which this 'on-the-move Facial Recognition' technology can be used, involves using an anonymous digital signature to keep track of the movement of individuals to understand their shopping behavior for the retail industry.

WildFaces & MadGaze Partnership

Thank you MadGaze for collaborating with us for the HSBC Summit. It was a very successful integration and event.

Aperson wearing the MadGaze X5 glasses can now use WildFaces’ on-the- move Face Recognition technology to recognize people at great distances (20m and more) even when both the wearer of the glasses and the target are moving and when the latter is in an extremely crowded environment.

Traditionally all Face Recognition systems (even when used on glasses or body cameras required the user to stand still when attempting to recognize a person. With WildFaces’ unique patent-pending technology this constraint no longer applies.

And this makes the technology extremely useful in a variety of industries such as:

Retail - Tracking and recognizing persons-of-interest and understanding customer experience such as dwell/queue time to achieve better customer services

Theme parks - Finding lost children/elderly and navigating visitors through the most efficient route based on their show preferences

Major Event - Providing real-time crowd control to ensure safety

Exhibition - Thief prevention and to locate key clients/VIPs in extreme crowds

Casinos – Finding/locating blacklisted people and many more…

And not that all faces can be anonymized complying with the new GDPR standards for privacy protection.

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WildFaces VERSUS

Other Facial Recognition Unicorns

WildFaces will be speaking at upcoming AI Summit

Please contact info@wildfaces.ai for more details

Date: 1 August 2018 (Wednesday)

Time: 0900-1800

Venue: Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

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