October 2019 – Wildfaces Tops Gartner’s List

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Tops Gartner’s List

Gartner has just issued its analysis of all the major worldwide suppliers of video analytics (including Behaviour Analytics, Face Recognition and License Plate Recognition). They reviewed 97 companies and analysed their capabilities across 58 di￿erent applica- tions.

N ctober 2019
1 Wildfaces Tops
Gartner’s List
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Wildfaces has attained the most comprehensive list of vision-based AI features

(53 out of 58) whereas the well-known Unicorns can only provide 8 or less features out of the same 58.

In their report Gartner emphasized a critical point – that the capabilities and quality of

o￿ering di￿ered signi￿cantly between companies. This is important from Wildfaces’ perspec- tive as the company has a philosophy of being best in class in every application that it builds.

As examples:

31 companies could do Abandoned Object Detection but only Wildfaces can do it in a

Crowded Scene – the rest can only do this when the scene is empty and the object is unobscured.

9 companies could doFace Recognition in a Crowd but only Wildfaces can do it with a

resolution of only 22 pixels between the eyes and without a GPU. As a result, Wildfaces can

recognize a person in a crowd at a distance of 20m on a 2 megapixel camera. Using that same camera others could recognize a person at 5m at best.

Wildfaces 53 out of 58 APPLICATIONS
Portfolio Capability

The report analysed 58 applications that are widely available. It did not focus on the long list of applications that are unique to Wildfaces such as Face Recognition on the Move, Smart Compression, Automated Response and others.

The Report is available directly from Gartner.

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Construction Site Systems

Construction sites have some unique requirements:

They tend to be temporary.

Ensuring safety is one of the highest priorities.

Management cannot always be on site so remote access to operational information is crucial to address these issues.

Wildfaces has announced its IOT based “Construction Site”. The IOT pack consists of a rugged IP65 rated Super Edge device with a wi￿ or wireless capability, rugged POE Switch and rugged cameras. As sites can be tempo- rary and requirements can change, the o￿ering is available on a Rental Basis.



Application Basic / Advanced / Genius

Ensure all resent are wearing safety gear

Detect patches of water that could cause slips

Detect slips and Falls

Detect Smoke and Fire

Optional Extra: Detect Gas Leaks (requires special camera)

Count the number of people on site

Count number of vehicles arriving on site categorized by bike/ car/ truck

Understand how long vehicles spend on site

Understand how long people spend on site

Mobile Phone based monitoring for Management

Perimeter Protection

Manage Access to the site for vehicles

Manage Access to the site for people

Optional Extra: Body Worn Camera based Access Management


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