Nov 2020 – Smart Traffic Solution

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November 2020 Newsletter tst


wildAI On-The-Move




November 2020

Smart Tra￿c


Successfully delivered for the Hong Kong SAR Government within 8 weeks with 100% accuracy and zero false alarm.

Our system was able to reduce tra￿c bottlenecks by alerting timely actions on pedestrians trespassing, illegal parking and left objects on highways.


Smart Facility Management


Flexible workspace


with automations

Optimal energy

Way-￿nder &


Anonymous tracking


Secure, safe &


seamless access

Engage tenants

IoT operating system &

with analytics

centralized control


Wildfaces heralds the era of humanized, self-maintaining


facilities capable of operating independently.


Patented WildAI on-the-move provides moving IoT devices e.g. drones, robots, wearable-cameras, with visual intelligence and analytics.

Wildfaces disrupts deep learning vision-AI by overcoming their constraints that often require massive data training & labelling exercise. Our technology is proven with many government agencies & industry clients helping them to automate their tedious & time-consuming processes using our AI in preventive maintenance & Smart Facility Management etc.

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