Patented “Face Recognition & Tracking On-the-Move” empowers Smart Cities

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Press Release

 Patented “Face Recognition & Tracking On-the-Move” empowers Smart Cities

Hong Kong, April 13, 2018: provides “Face Recognition/Tracking On-the-Move” artificial intelligence (“AI”) technology. This state-of-the-art technology is poised to disrupt the computer vision technological eco-system around the world, particularly in implementing Smart City solutions.

The system is designed such that the privacy of all individuals is always protected while in emergencies (e.g. to find a lost child) it can provide authorities with the information that they require.

Ivy Li, the lead founder explains: “Our system can track specific individuals in extremely crowded environments at significant distances even under difficult visibility conditions. The core technology has scored the highest in industry benchmark IQ tests. Without the need for any fixed CCTV cameras or other IoT infrastructure,’s technology can recognize and track faces “on-the-fly” using videos from drones, moving robots, body-worn cameras, handheld smartphones, etc.

As an industry-recognized AI guru with 20 years of global experience implementing Smart City solutions, Ivy has served as senior advisor in Smart City deployments in various countries including Singapore. She co-authored several books on AI, including “Automated Surveillance”, “iQ Smart Cities” and “Face Recognition in a Crowd”.

WildFaces’ patented “Face Recognition/Tracking On-the-Move” technology has numerous Smart City related “use cases” including:

  • Public Safety — Providing real-time crowd control ensuring utmost safety in large public spaces and during large-scale events (e.g. outdoor concerts, demonstrations, etc.)
  • Improving Visitors Experience — Navigating visitors in Cultural Districts, Tourist Sites or Theme Amusement Parks through the most efficient routes based on their indicated personal preferences;
  • Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”) – Identifying frequently patronizing customers and tracking their shopping behaviours in empowering the service industry with smarter CRM systems to enhance staff performance, customer experience and sales performance;
  • Construction Sites Management — It is generally not easy to install any fixed infrastructure, so that it is important to adopt WildFaces’s “On-the-Move” technology to authenticate staff access to prevent theft or intruders from entering;

and many more…

WildFaces’ innovative “Face Recognition/Tracking On-the-Move” technology is computing-light, requiring NO expensive GPUs, NO super-computers and NO mega-sized data storage. This makes Smart City solutions and other applications very affordable and highly versatile, rendering them ideal for markets where clients are demanding and price sensitive.

WildFaces’ founders have implemented numerous uses cases in Computer Vision & Video Analytics technologies in over30 industries in more than 50 countries with success, winning various industry awards over the past 2 decades

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