WF 20230928 Autonomous AI for Roads & Traffic

Autonomous AI for Roads & Traffic

Autonomous AI for Roads & Traffic

There are systems available in the market for Optimizing Traffic Lights. There are systems for detecting incidents. There are systems for Law Enforcement and even for Emergency Response Management. Authorities also have to look after roadside assets such as signage and traffic lights and  worry about pollution levels. All these systems tend to operate independently resulting in duplication of infrastructure and human resources for managing roads.

WildFaces' IQ Roads system is a single system that provides a total capability for all the different stakeholders who are required to manage our roads. The system uses common infrastructure for addressing:

               » Adaptive Traffic Optimization
            » Law Enforcement
            » Traffic Monitoring
            » Traffic Incident Management
            » Pedestrian Safety
            » Curbside Parking Management
            » Autonomous Response for Emergency Services
            » Environment Management
            » Infrastructure/ Asset Management

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