WF 20230912 Designing Intelligent Systems at Zero Incremental Cost

How to design an intelligent system at ZERO incremental cost?

Designing Intelligent Systems at Zero Incremental Cost

As developers rush to build AI based systems, users can discover the incredibly high cost of some of these systems - often only after they are deeply committed. The real cost is not necessarily in the price of the software which may sometimes be “given away for free”, but in the cost of the associated infrastructure. 

As an early pioneer in the field of Autonomous Multi-sensory AI, WildFaces has designed its systems to minimize infrastructure costs to the point where an intelligent system can often cost less than a simple recording system.

This is achieved at three levels: 

  • Being able to process inputs from fewer, less expensive sensors. Up to 50X fewer IoT sensors may be required
  • Through using less computing infrastructure. Systems can be designed to require 90% less storage and network bandwidth, and no GPUs. The ability to do AI without GPUs reduces both costs and power requirements which can be reduced by 16X making the entire system sustainable over the longer term.
  • By automating manual processes to minimize human involvement. Autonomous systems can require up to 15X less manpower 

Savings can pay for the entire intelligent system

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