WF 202210 Autonomous AI Requires High Accuracy

Autonomous AI Requires High Accuracy
Autonomous AI Requires High Accuracy

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  • Autonomous AI Requires High Accuracy
    • Does your system suffer from excessive False Alarms?
  • iQ-HealthCheck Keeps Your CCTV System Running Non-Stop 24x7
  • Gold Support Ensures Your System Is As New As When you Bought It
  • Intel promotes iOmniscient Smart City Capability

Autonomous AI Requires High Accuracy

For an Autonomous AI System to work well the detection and recognition algorithms on which it is based must operate with high accuracy. Inaccurate system that generate excessive false alarms significantly increase the effort that has to be spent in checking each one, making the system unusable. 

WildFaces offers Trusted Autonomous AI systems that can reduce response times for incidents by 80% as well as the costs of manning such environments. 

Does your system suffer from excessive False Alarms?

All WildFaces Systems are armed with an AI based module called NAMS (Nuisance Alarm Minimization System). In recent trials NAMS was shown to reduce the number of false alarms by a factor of 200 relative to alternative systems. This means that when alternative systems were getting over 200 false alarms per day on a video stream, NAMS was able to reduce these to no more than one.

Many suppliers offer systems that can detect various types of incidents. A good system, however, can detect incidents without excessive false alarms. 

If a system is supposed to autonomously detect a vehicle accident, find the nearest police vehicle and tell the police personnel where to go and what to do, it would be grossly ineffective if it generated a host of false detections sending police vehicles off on spurious missions.

The NAMS capability is key to ensuring that WildFaces' Autonomous Response Systems can be TRUSTED. 

iQ-HealthCheck Keeps Your CCTV System Running Non-Stop 24x7

The IQ-HealthCheck System lets you know immediately if a camera cannot see clearly – and provides you with the most likely reason. It will show you the status of all cameras on a map highlighting those that have a problem. 

This allows Security Officers to provide extra vigilance for areas with faulty cameras and allows maintenance to be scheduled more optimally.  

Studies have shown that in any large network up to 20% of the cameras may not be operational. They may have been sabotaged, a spider may have spun its web over the lens, the camera position may have shifted due to nearby vibrations or it may be working perfectly but cannot see effectively due to fog or rain.

The Cairo Khalid Museum had a prized painting called Sunflowers in a Vase by Van Gogh. It was the highlight of their collection and was housed in a separate room. Some time back the painting was stolen but the thief was never caught. The Museum had CCTV Security Cameras. However, when they went to look at the footage they discovered that the cameras were not working. 

This scenario keeps repeating itself. Security and Safety Officers often realize that their cameras are not working effectively precisely when they need them most. IQ-HealthCheck ensures that they are never left in this position.

Gold Support Ensures Your System Is As New As When you Bought It

WildFaces is 21 years old this year. Customers who bought systems from WildFaces two decades ago have experienced many changes. Much of their hardware has broken down and been replaced or upgraded. Their Windows OS has gone from Windows XP to the latest Windows Server 2022. Floppy disks have long stopped being their boot device. And yet their system purchased years ago behaves as though it was brand new. It automatically recognizes new hardware and it incorporates the latest advanced technologies.


These principles are incorporated in the recently released Version 4.9 of the IQ-Series Software. New capabilities available in this version include:

  • A new modern user-configurable dashboard for our Trusted Autonomous Response System – ASAP.
  • An upgraded iQ-HealthCheck system with a dynamic map showing events and camera status
  • A sophisticated Logic Function which allows the user to detect events resulting from incidents eventuating in a particular sequence.
  • An upgraded version of our databaseless, fraud-proof, access control system – IQ-Access

Existing customers are invited to talk to their local support team to access the link for the new version. Write to

Intel promotes iOmniscient
Smart City Capability

Wildfaces is a spin-off of iOmniscient. iOmniscient works exclusively with Intel hardware. It requires no third party GPUs because its software is extremely computing light by design. The benefit for its customers is that their infrastructure costs (for computing, storage, network bandwidth and number of cameras) is much lower than for any other supplier. In fact it is usually less expensive to implement an iOmniscient system than a less intelligent alternative. 

As such Intel values this relationship and the attached brochure from Intel is just one example of the ongoing partnership between the two companies. 

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