Intelligent Traffic Systems Transforming Management of Roads Making Road Travel Easier and Safer Smart Roads can reduce congestion, minimize accidents, lower pollution levels, and most importantly provide a more satisfying…

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What is Smart Infrastructure? - Smart Infrastructure Traditional Face recognition and Tracking Systems are subject to many limitations. They require fixed infrastructure such as CCTV cameras. is the world’s ONLY “On-The-Move” vision-based…

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Dec 2020 2nd Issue – AI Powered Advertising Display

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WF-Newsletter-December_Issue_2 DECEMBER • 2020 A.I. Powered Advertising Display NEWSLETTER OF WILDFACES. AI Inside this issue AIFOR DIGITAL ADVERTISING DISPLAYS WILDAI “ON-THE- TECHNMOLOGYVE” EXPLAINED Growing a business is always hard and…

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Nov 2020 – Smart Traffic Solution

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November 2020 Newsletter tst Newsletter wildAI On-The-Move ! Highway Protection November 2020 Smart Tra￿c Solution Successfully delivered for the Hong Kong SAR Government within 8 weeks with 100% accuracy…

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