Automated Access Management for Logistics/ Distribution Centres during a Pandemic

WildFaces’s Automated Access Management System for Logistics/ Distribution Centres enables easy and quick access for trucks, confirming the identity of their drivers and their cargo without the need for kiosk infrastructure at the gates.

All major Retail organizations have to manage access for trucks that bring in goods and take them away both from their distribution centres and from their stores.

During a pandemic one has to be able to manage this access without requiring the drivers of the truck to get out of their vehicle at the entrance to check in and without requiring them to touch screens or other equipment.

The organization needs to know that he is the authorized driver, that he does not have a fever and perhaps but at the same time the system must be totally privacy protected such that no personal information about the driver is held by the organization thus avoiding any potential privacy breaches. WildFaces introduces their Automated system for the contactless access of vehicles into their facilities.

No Kiosks – No phones

The system operates without kiosks, phones or other usual equipment required for managing access. When the truck comes the system recognizes the number plates of the vehicle and extracts the images of the drivers who are authorized to drive that vehicle which have been provided by the trucking company. The system will confirm that the person is the authorized driver without having or maintaining any information about the driver.

The drivers’ temperatures can be checked. The trucks payload data can be ingested into the system from information provided by the trucking company.

In and out in seconds

The truck can gain very fast access to the facility without wasting time for checking in and out.

The organization can be assured that the everyone is safe and well.

And everyone’s privacy is fully protected with no opportunity for any privacy breaches

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