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Our Differentiators

WildFaces’ On-The-Move capability has overcome the constraints of Traditional Face Recognition in that

  • ◾️ It requires very low resolution.

  • ◾️ It can work at relatively long distances.

  • ◾️ It works on non-cooperative individuals.

  • ◾️ It works for large crowds in realistic scenarios.

  • ◾️ It works when both the Crowd and the Camera are moving.

WildFaces has developed and owns the algorithms itself and does not rely on any commonly used open source GPU based Facial Recognition algorithms that are used as the core by others.

The use cases for this technology extend far beyond those possible with traditional biometric systems. The counter-intuitive AI technologies developed by WildFaces makes its system very flexible and enables it to build comprehensive use cases addressing the needs of over 30 industries.

For example, one of the disruptive ways of using this 'on-the-move’ technology in the retail industry is to track VIPs anonymously to understand their shopping behavior. It can also be used to minimize queues, understand travellers’ walking patterns, service time, user experience, shopping patterns & many other interesting behaviors. Other industry segments that have benefitted from this new technology includes Construction, Building Management, Smart Cities, Schools, Banking, Transportation, Police, Law Enforcement, Sports and Entertainment and Public Places.



Capabilities Overview - WildFaces:

  • ◾️ Ability to recognize and track people in extreme crowds in real-time at significant distances.

  • ◾️ Does not require any fixed CCTV infrastructure.

  • ◾️ Proven core technologies that have been deployed in over 50 countries and 30+ industries.

  • ◾️ Robust core algorithms have been proven in the most difficult real-life scenarios including in very crowded and complex situations.

  • ◾️ Extremely computing light and does not require expensive GPUs to enhance affordability, versatility and deployment to address demanding and price sensitive markets.

  • ◾️ Ready to deploy - consists of many pre-learnt libraries which enable very QUICK setup.

  • ◾️ Access to extensive large project deployment experience.


Why Choose Us

Decades of R&D packaged together in a manner that can be combined into infinite combinations. By harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence, we bring to you the world's first & only Face Recognition on-the-Move solution.   

What You Get

You get access to our unique technologies that are changing the landscape of video intelligence around the world. We not only deliver smart solutions but also support you throughout your journey with 24/7 call support and software guides.

Meet The Technology

WildFaces can recognize faces on the fly without the need for fixed infrastructure such as CCTV cameras. Using video from drones, body-worn cameras and even from smartphones.          


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