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About WildFaces

Our Differentiators

WildFaces’ On-The-Move capability has overcome the constraints of Traditional Face Recognition in that

  • ◾️ It requires very low resolution.

  • ◾️ It works on non-cooperative individuals.

  • ◾️ Ability to recognize and track people in extreme crowds in real-time at significant distances.

  • ◾️Does not require any fixed CCTV infrastructure.

  • ◾️Proven core technologies that have been deployed in over 50 countries and 30+ industries.

  • ◾️Ready to deploy - consists of many pre-learnt libraries which enable very QUICK setup.


      Wildfaces' core technology is proprietary, computing light that only requires CPU. Developing the system's algorithms from scratch, WildFaces does not rely on any commonly used and expensive open source GPU based Facial Recognition algorithms. Our hybrid algorithmic approach not only ensures light computing with high accuracy and performance, it also enhances affordability, versatility and deployment to address demanding and price sensitive markets. WildFaces' robust core algorithms have been proven in the most difficult real-life scenarios including very crowded and complex situations. For instance, the company's unique Smart Compression capability makes video analytics on the cloud possible even when there is limited bandwidth environment.


        The use cases for this technology extend far beyond those possible with traditional biometric systems. WildFaces self-developed proprietary core algorithms can also be easily customized to meet specific use cases across 30+ industries, making it ready to deploy that can be useful to smart cities, smart banking, smart campuses, smart manufacturing, smart buildings, retail malls/e-stores, construction sites, and more. For example,

        • ◾️ In smart cities- finding lost children/elderly, anonymizing all the faces seen to protect privacy, tracking and recognizing people-of-interest.

        • ◾️ In retail malls- understand customers' experience, visiting patterns, dwelling behavior, and staff productivity.

        • ◾️ In ever changing construction sites- control staff access, monitor work flow, and ensure safety.

        • ◾️ In security and safety aspects- enable guards with IoT devices to recognize trouble-makers, shop-lifters, etc.



20-Times Cheaper

30+ Industry Coverage

Comprehensive Use Case



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