WildFaces Property Management Expo

WildFaces' Automated Facility Management AI Solution

You are cordially invited to visit us at Property Management & Procurement Expo to witness WildFaces’ patented WildAI On-The-Move technologies aiming to automate manual & time-consuming human processes. These solutions include Automated Facility Management, Contactless Access Control, Anti-Contagion Suite, Smart Maintenance and much more.


Event:  Property Management & Procurement Expo

Date:    4-6 Nov 2021

Time:    09:30 – 18:00

Booth:  D29, Hall 1E           

Venue:  HKCEC, Wanchai

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WildFaces offers comprehensive visual AI software. Company’s mission is to help organizations in Facility Management industry to establish their own core AI foundation platform on which they can develop further use cases automating many of their time-consuming manual processes.

Company has topped Gartner’s list as the “Most Comprehensive Visual AI supplier” twice in last 2 years against 97 global & multinational companies.

WildFaces’ solutions, based on 300+ WildAI modules & 70 patents, have been deployed and proven in smart city projects in 70 countries. It is well recognized by HK Public Sector who has high accuracy & privacy standard.

Suitable use cases that are powered by WildAI include Automated Facility Management, Database-less Access Control, Interactive Advertising Display, Smart Maintenance, Smart Energy, Automatic Anti-Contagion Suite including multiple Fever scanning & anonymous tracking. All our AI solutions work in distance covering a wider view including extremely crowded scene with 100+ objects or individuals.

Comprehensive WildFaces Industry Use Cases

Automated Facility Management

Productivity for Facility Management is greatly increased with WildFaces’ comprehensive visual AI system through automating tenants & visitors access control, modernizing tedious human maintenance & inspection activities, detecting water leakage, preventing falls, detecting overcrowding and managing evacuation. This patented VisualAI capability reduces infrastructure and costs while ensuring ease of use.

See video demo here.

Smart Maintenance

In modern society we are surrounded by equipment and infrastructure. Unfortunately, over time all such equipment and infrastructure can fail.

Today an Artificial Intelligence based multi-sensory analytics system that emulates the Humans brain can provide valuable warnings of potential failures.

It can tell if a pump is overheating. It can advise if a pipe has corroded to the point where it will leak. It can automatically stop an escalator if a small object such as a screw or coin is about to fall into its mechanism.

See video demo here.

Anti-Contagion Suite

Wildfaces’ award-winning Automated Anti-Contagion suite reduces the need for manual checks - greatly reducing costs. The integrated visual-AI Suite for Fever Detection in crowds, Tracking those with a fever, social distance and evacuation management, enforcing the use of masks and a Database-less Access Control where privacy can never be breached.

See video demo here.